Exciting news about expanding our preschool program poster

The Palmyra Board of Education has applied to participate in New Jersey's Department of Education (DOE) Preschool Education Aid.  IF the state aid is awarded, we will then have three classes of FREE Preschool for the 2022-23 school year!  These classes would be for 3 and 4-year old residents of Palmyra.

Please consider attending our Town Hall session on August 24th at 5pm in the Delaware Avenue All-Purpose room.  This interactive event will be hosted by elementary school principal, Mrs. Octavia Lee and our superintendent, Dr. Brian McBride.  It is designed to answer questions and give more in-depth information about what could possibly happen very quickly should we get the over $500k in aid that was outlined in the application.

Our Charles Street School website has the student application for the NEW Preschool Lottery along with more information for parents.  The State of NJ Department of Education is expected to notify the district around September 2nd if we have been selected for the aid package.  The new version of Palmyra Preschool would begin around October 3rd. 

Students already enrolled in our tuition-based preschool program DO NOT NEED to complete an application, these students are already part of the new program and will start school on September 6th as planned.

There will be more information to come as the good news develops.  We look forward to the chance to be able to include more Palmyra families in our Preschool Program.  #PalmyraProud