Fitness Day Items to wear and remember

Next week is FITNESS DAY!!! We can't wait to head outside for all sorts of class games! 

Mr. Devlin has shared this important reminder about what you will need for Fitness Day Success:

  1. Dress appropriately for the temperature outside
  2. Team color shirt for your grade
  3. Sunscreen- please put it on at home - it sets in better and guarantees that mom made sure of the coverage :)
  4. Wear sneakers- this is not a platform shoe event!
  5. Wear/bring a cap (make sure you put your name inside) for sun coverage.
  6. BRING a refillable, reusable water bottle WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!
  7. BRING a snack-all competitors will be given time during the day for a snack break!

We are #PalmyraProud of all our CSS Panthers and hope it is a grrreatttt day!