9/11 Patriot Day

Palmyra School District recognizes the loss of so many so long ago.  Two decades have passed now, yet today, a day ahead, at 8:46am, Ms. Sabo read a recognition poem to the entire school over the PA. This was followed by a moment of silence for those lost and for those lives forever-changed after the attacks in NYC,  Shanksville, PA & the Pentagon. 

Sharing with children can be difficult and as one of this week's PawPoints directed, the 9/11 Museum has a full collection of age-appropriate ways to share insight on Patriot Day.  

This summer a call for entries was sent out from area newspapers and one of our own student's submission has been published.  https://www.buckscountycourier... We congratulate Freshman, Owen Jacobs for his "Never Forget" point of view shared with us by his Middle School Teachers, Ms. Keefe & Ms. Wittle.  #PalmyraProud #PalmyraStrong #NeverForget #PatriotDay